How To Claim Your Chelsea Sports Club Membership

22 March 2024

Claim your "Membership/s" here

All families who register children at the Chelsea Junior Football Club in season 2024 are entitled to receive a maximum of two Chelsea Sports Club memberships as part of their registration fee.

Chelsea Sports Club member benefits:

  • Discounts on bar purchases; ranging from 50 cents off to $1 off
  • Earn loyalty points on bar purchases
  • Access of the licenced club rooms (during operating hours)*
  • Full Voting Rights at The AGM.

* Members have access to Licenced Club Rooms/Bar Area without any requirement to sign a Visitors Book. Members may apply to use The Licenced Rooms for the purpose of holding a function, with approval subject to availability of the date/time required. The Sports Club will not charge for Room Booking, but may ask that the member cover any wages or costs associated with holding the event.

To claim benefits, members must display and scan their Chelsea Sports Club Membership Card at the time of purchase.


Once your membership application is approved you will receive an email advising you of your Chelsea Sports Club Membership No/s.

Then please proceed as follows:
(a) Go to App Store on smart phone and find "Stocard - Loyalty Cards Wallet."
(b) Install Stocard on your Smart Phone.
(c) Open the Stocard App and select + (top right of screen).
(d) Select + Other Card at bottom of screen.
(e) Select "Enter Manually".
(f) Type in Chelsea Sports Club Card Number 000 plus the 3 digit No that you recieve. For example if you are No 001, then you would record as 000001. 
(g) In Store Name type "Chelsea Sports Club"
(h) Save and you are finished.

Once completed you can access your Chelsea Sports Club No in "Stocard"  and Scan from your IPhone at the Bar whenever making a purchase.

Note: If you would prefer to receive a Plastic Membership Card, please send a separate email and make that request. Upon receipt we will arrange as soon as possible.

Questions: Colin Caffyn - 0409 356 549 or

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